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Vermont Marble Granite Slate & Soapstone Co. is the leading producer of soapstone and soapstone products ranging from slabs, bundles, and containers, to finished tops and even the kitchen sink! Soapstone countertops are our specialty!


As a pioneer of soapstone supply, fabrication, and national distribution, with our history of professional service and timely deliveries, we’ve maintained our leadership over old and new competition alike.


Please fax or email us your layout and we would be happy to quote you for soapstone countertops installed or delivered directly to you!

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  • As we always watch and see changes and trends in the stone industry, we’re very glad to see the upcoming popularity and revitalization of soapstone.
  • This natural “wonder stone” is finally getting the attention its’ long deserved. When it comes to choosing an adequate surface for a countertop, soapstone certainly meets and exceeds many good attributes that should be addressed in making the choice.
  • The better educated one is on all surface possibilities, the more likely the chance they will choose soapstone countertops. For toughness against permanent stains of “any kind” and heat, nothing beats soapstone. It has a very warm – soft feeling to the touch, but is denser than granite.
  • The talc in the stone gives the soft feeling but the stone itself is impervious to being saturated with any type of chemical, food, juice, wine etc. Nothing will get down into it. If the surface becomes discolored, it’s only on the surface and can be removed with steel wool or sandpaper.
  • If you are looking for a pleasing, quiet, and beautiful countertop, soapstone is your best choice.


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Our typical turnaround time for installed custom countertops is still one of the fastest in the industry.

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