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Soapstone Cookware Preparation Instructions

This is a natural product made from selected soapstone. It should be prepared for use by following the procedure below. This curing procedure is only necessary before first use in order to ensure a long and trouble free life.

  • Grease the product all over, inside and out, with vegetable oil
  • Fill it with water at room temperature and place it in a cool oven
  • Set the oven temperature at 350º F and bake for two hours
  • After the two hours, turn off the oven and leave the product inside until the oven cools down
  • Repeat this process once more (do not forget to grease the product again)
  • When the oven has cooled from the second cure, remove the product from the oven and wash and rinse it
  • The product is now ready for use

Important notes:

When using soapstone kitchenware products avoid sudden changes in temperature and avoid direct flame heating of stone. Avoid direct contact with flat Cook-top surfaces. A steel type trivet can be used to elevate cookware from these surfaces.

Some soapstone products, such as frying-pans and pizza plates do not lend themselves to a water-based curing procedure. In these cases, we recommend using a lower temperature (300º F) and baking the product twice after greasing.

The manufacturer and his agents shall not be responsible for breakage or failure of the products resulting from failure to cure or miss-use of the products.


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