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Marble Samples

Beautiful samples of our diverse limestone supply.

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Marble Showroom

Marble Showroom

Our best limestone home installations can be viewed here.

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crystal stratus marbleThe Beauty of Marble is Unmatched! Featured are a selection of the more popular marbles currently quarried along with tile and slab availability, as well as marble samples. Therefore please click on any of the library pics for a close up. Also if you don’t see or can’t find the marble by name, there’s a good chance we can still get it if we’re provided a picture of what you’re looking for.

Because most marbles were formed when the calcium created from shells & bones from prehistoric life forms combined with carbon dioxide from water the result is 300 million year old calcium carbonate, which is the fundamental mineral composition of marble. Due to the calcium carbonate the veining in most marbles is usually only 5% – 10% of the total coloration of the stone.

Native Vermont marble is actively quarried in Danby, including the Imperial, Montclair, and Royal.  Other Danby types are also available.

  • We can look at Marble in two ways, scientifically and commercially.
  • Marble technically starts as limestone in the earth and metamorphosizes. Because the intense pressure and high temperatures produced by the inner core of the earth the stone is created. This effectively alters the crystalline formation and brings other minerals into the mix, which produce much sought after colors and veining within the stone.  A true beauty to behold!
  • In a commercial sense, any stone that can be polished is known as marble.  (This excludes granite which is unique unto itself)
  • Stone classified as marble include onyx, travertine, serpentine, soapstone and limestone.  Marble is mined from the mountains of the world and we source ours from the Green Mountains of Vermont!

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