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Soapstone Samples

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Soapstone Sink Showroom

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Soapstone Countertop Care & Maintenance Guide
Educational information to keep your soapstone looking great!

Soapstone 202
Taking care of soapstone is pretty easy. Remember, this stuff in impenetrable. Nothing can get down into this stone! So…several options exist.

Option one is – don’t do a thing. Time will make this grayish blue stone slowly darken from regular use. It will gain a natural patina darkened color over time. If a mark gets on the stone you don’t like, either rub it out with dry paper towel and lots of muscle or use a little piece of light grit (300-400) sandpaper. The sanded stone will return to it’s original gray-blue color.

Option two: Use standard mineral oil that’s purchased in a pharmacy or from our online store. Rub it onto the stone (not too much so that it remains looking wet). Rub off any excess. This will darken all the stone tenfold to almost a black color. Over time, the mineral oil will need to be re-applied (every 4-8 weeks) to keep all the countertops uniform in color as the oil will evaporate. If time goes by and you wish to return the tops color to the original grayish blue, you can with a lot of sandpaper and a few hours of time – have a friend help and use an electric flat sander.

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Option three: Stone sealers will work with slightly limited effect on soapstone compared to granite. Remember – Nothing can get down into soapstone – Stone sealers are made as a rule to penetrate Granite and Marble – not soapstone. They can’t get down into soapstone like they can with marble and granite. There are two types of sealers. One which will change the color of the soapstone to look like it was oiled. Miracle Sealants Company – 511 Seal & Enhance Once it dries (1-2 hours) it will keep the stone looking dark and oiled for up to three years or more.Another type of sealer will leave the natural soapstone color unchanged (gray-blue), and will protect the stone from changing color at all. Stone Care International Stone Spray-N-Seal®

It should be re-applied every year or so. If either sealer is scratched through, you may wish to re-apply some more to that area.

Scratches: Depending on the size of the scratch will depend on how to repair it. The deeper the scratch, the lower number grit sand paper you’ll want to start with. 80 grit sandpaper is pretty rough and will sand quite a lot of soapstone quickly. As the scratch is sanded out, you will want to graduate to a higher grit sand paper (220) – then higher to (300-400) for a finish that will basically match the original grit finish. After sanding is complete, top off the repaired area with a little mineral oil or sealer.

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