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100% Soapstone Hotstone Grill Firepit

Here’s the Hot Stone Soapstone Firepit Grill. This amazing Firepit grill has a Soapstone cooking deck and raised BBQ style stainless steel raised grill for cooking directly over the fire. These Soapstone Firepit Grills also have caster wheels to spin the whole unit into perfect position for your guests to grab their favorite food, right in front of them!

Retail: $1,495.00 +  freight

Hotstone Grill Firepit: Steel base with a 1.25″ thick Soapstone Cooking Surface. Stainless steel raised direct flame shelf, and heavy duty wheels for easy spinning of the entire grill.

Please call 1-866-Soapstone for further information or brochure.

Hotstone Grill Firepit in Action