Travertine Samples

Close Up Images Of Our Travertine

The following types of Travertine are shown with and without mineral oil. Click for a close up!

Travertine is quite commonly used for interior and exterior applications. Naturally occurring travertine is known for being softer than marble or granite.  We recommend that travertine is always sealed for long term use. Travertine is so easy to clean you can literally wipe it down with a clean, dampened cloth and then dry it thoroughly with a standard towel.   We do advise that you avoid abrasive cleaning agents such as bleach (or caustic cleaners).  These cleaning solutions can horribly scratch, stain or dull the appearance of your travertine. Travertine has been used throughout the world in every form imaginable.

If you don’t see or can’t find the travertine you want, we can probably still get it if we’re provided a picture or sample of what you’re looking for.
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