The Sasquatch Sculpture

The Sasquatch Sculpture


Whitehall, New York is about to increase it’s population by one. One 11’ – 8” tall Bigfoot that is. The Gargantuan steel sculpture will find it’s permanent home at the entrance to Vermont Marble, Granite, Slate & Soapstone Co. at 10014 US State Route 4, in Whitehall – (the old Garden Time location to those familiar with Whitehall). The unveiling is scheduled for Saturday, December 2nd, at 10:00 AM – Local resident Mason Rollo will be pulling the veil cord.

The Sasquatch Sculpture was handcrafted by artist Steven Mestyan Sr., of Hampton, NY., and owner of Skelabar Studios. Steven has an amazing track record and portfolio of other giant works of art using his very unique style of constructing his sculptures with steel. His works of art can be seen locally at the Rock Climbing building behind Outdoor Sports in Rutland, and King Neptune’s in Lake George.

He draws most of his inspiration from the memory and living spirit of his late son, Steven Jr., who recently succumbed to epilepsy. Steven Sr. and his son shared the same vision and desires to produce their very unique and beautiful style of sculpting with steel. After the loss of his son, Steven Sr. decided to carry the burning desire of his, and his son’s outlooks on life. He recalls entering a “junk art” competition in Rutland, VT with his Lion statue, and won the category. During the event, he overheard his son say “Boy, my Dad has talent”. His inspiration from his son’s words has never stopped since.

Steven Sr. was commissioned to produce this tremendous work of art by Paul Thompson, owner of Vermont Marble and Granite Co., “Steven drove by and noticed a few little Bigfoots’ on one of our signs. He saw me doing some work outside and decided to pull in and introduce himself. I knew in just a 5 minute conversation that Steven’s idea for a Bigfoot sculpture made of steel, and positioned in front of our business, sure beat my idea of cutting a big foot silhouette out of ply wood”. Steven constructed the current Bigfoot residing at the Skene Valley Country Club. Steven even offered to build the statue, and for any reason I didn’t want it, he would keep it for himself. This unheard of offer alone made me understand the type of person and character of the man I was about to deal with. I could not be any happier with the outcome of his awesome piece of artwork. Steven and his talents made the decision easy”. “I described the pose I was looking for, and Steven produced the work of art exactly to my vision” says Thompson.

In the future, Thompson plans to start a Bigfoot/Sasquatch Preservation Society. Currently, a resolution exists on the books in both Whitehall Village and Whitehall Town that categorizes Bigfoot as a Protected Species. Bigfoot Lives… in Whitehall, New York.